About AZHI

My name is Bob Clardy, I have lived in the Valley of the Sun for over 50 years. I am an ASHI Certified Inspector, AZ BTR Licensed Inspector,
AZDA Licensed (WDIIR), Pool & Spa certified and BPI certified.

I work hard to always conduct a thorough and accurate inspection. I also understand the importance of communicating the report and findings to the buyer with an intelligent perspective. I love Home Inspecting and working with prospective buyers and buyer’s agents.

I have over 15 years of combined experience in Home/Commercial Inspecting, Construction, and Home Performance.
My reports are finished on-site and delivered promptly. My summary reviews are thorough which include relevant photos to help describe the findings.

AZHI Services is licensed through ASHI #268522, BPI, BVI (background verified), AZBTR #66715, OPM Termite License#180384

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The tools

Water pressure tester, moisture readers, GFCI testers, infrared temperature meter, continuity pipe tester and more.

Easy-to-read Report

An HTML or PDF report that gives you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Certified Experience

ASHI certified means you can trust us to inspect your home.

Competitive Pricing

You will get a high-quality inspection for the money you spend.

Over 15 Years of Experience

I’ve been in the building and remodeling fields for 15+ years. I’ve seen it all.

Follow-up Support

24/7 availability for any questions you might have.

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